Paras Modi

About Me

I am currently a sophomore at Rutgers University in the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program pursuing degrees in Computer Science and Economics. I graduated from the Bergen County Academies in 2015 from the Academy for Telecommunications and Computer Science (ATCS). I am a full stack web developer with experience working in a large corporation to working in a small startup. I love to code and learn more about anything from technology to cosmology. Check out my projects or resume.



  • Python
  • Java
  • C
  • Javascript
  • Bash

Web Development

  • React
  • AngularJS
  • MongoDB
  • SQL Databases
  • Flask with Jinja2
  • Node.js
  • Google App Engine
  • jQuery

Other Technologies

  • Git/GitHub
  • AWS
  • Heroku
  • Digital Ocean
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics/Adsense

Work Experience


Full Stack Developer (May 2016 - Present)

Technology Used: Python Flask Jinja2 HTML/CSS Javascript MongoDB AngularJS AWS Git Google Tag Manager Google Analytics/Adsense

I am currently working at Promediacorp working on various projects that involve SEO optimization, front-end development, and backend development in Python and Flask. Most days I would work on Up Hail, a site built to to compare the various ridesharing and taxi services available across the US and other countries. I created new features like Up Hail Discover which has been featured on Gizmodo and other technology sites. In addition to working on Up Hail I also performed client work, which ranged from SEO optimization to creating full scale webapps according to client specifications such as

Morgan Stanley

Summer IT Analyst (June 2014 - August 2015)

Technology Used: Python Flask Jinja2 HTML/CSS Javascript SQL Databases Git Autosys Perl CGI Bash

During the end of my junior year of highschool I started working at Morgan Stanley in the Enterprise Infrastructure department. The main focus of my job was to perform database hygiene of the company's automated job control system called Autosys. This entailed creating Python scripts to read through the millions of automated jobs in these databases and ensure they all had the proper metadata. When a job lacked the proper metadata, my scripts would then generate automated emails with reports and send them to the job owners or team leaders. In addition, I helped to maintain the web application that allowed creation of new automated jobs.


hackBCA Web Developer (November 2014 - March 2015)

Technology Used: Python Flask Jinja2 HTML/CSS Javascript MongoDB Git Heroku Dropbox API

During the first hackBCA, I developed a registration system in order for us to keep track of those who were going to attend the hackathon. My registration system collected basic information and waivers for those who were underage. During the day of the event my system was used to monitor attendance, ensure everyone had the proper waivers, and create demographics.



Technology Used: Python Flask Jinja2 HTML/CSS Javascript MongoDB Git Heroku

Class-Match is a web app in which students can find out who is in their classes before school starts based on the preliminary schedules they receive. My friend Jared Zoneraich and I created the website to so that it would be easier for people to find out who else are in their classes without having to go through a hassle.

NHS Tutor

Technology Used: Python Flask Jinja2 HTML/CSS Javascript MongoDB Git Heroku

NHS Tutor is a web app that allows students to find tutoring sessions for areas in which they are struggling. I created the website as a way to make it easier for students to find National Honor Society members that can tutor them in specific subjects.

hackBCA Registration

Technology Used: Python Flask Jinja2 HTML/CSS Javascript MongoDB Git Heroku Dropbox API

hackBCA Registration is a web app that asks hackBCA registrants to fill out information about themselves and upload signed waivers. We were later able to use the data we collected to plan the event by accounting for everyones' preferences.


Technology Used: Python Flask Jinja2 HTML/CSS Javascript MongoDB Git Heroku Facebook API

Hearts is a web app that was made during the PennApps Spring 2014 to analyze users Facebook conversation and generate statistics based on them. It uses the Facebook Graph API to determine stats such as average words per messages and percent of messages sent.

Choral Reef

Technology Used: Python Flask Jinja2 HTML/CSS Javascript

Choral Reef is a website that was made for the FBLA E-Business competition. The prompt was to create a website for a fictitious band with the ability to purchase fictitious tickets. Choral Reef won 2nd place at the New Jersey FBLA State Leadership Conference.


Technology Used: Python Google App Engine Jinja2 HTML/CSS Javascript Android SDK

Frames is a picture sharing social network app for Android that my team made at hackRU. The idea behind Frames was to be able to anonymously upload pictures with the user's current location and then create trending places. When the app is opened it presents the user with a feed of pictures from their current location.

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